Top 8 kitchen trends for 2021

Trends wood and fireclay 2021

February 2021
Annie Lafrance - Journalist / editor specializing in lifestyle

In the house, the kitchen reigns supreme. Multifunctional and inviting, it is the most widely used room in most households. Beyond its utilitarian functions, the kitchen is the perfect playground for designers and manufacturers, who enjoy constantly renewing its style. Looking for something new? Find inspiration with these eight 2021 kitchen trends.


Évier ProTerra Argile Réfractaire

With its white clay apron, the ProTerra sink blends perfectly with wood and natural materials.

Bring the outside in! This year, emerald green makes an exit and gives the floor to nature-inspired greens such as moss, forest, sage and olive green for kitchen cabinets and bottom drawers. These hues blend perfectly with noble and authentic materials such as wood and marble. Speaking of which, chic and classic marble imitation backsplashes are all the rage in 2021.

You like greenery? The trend for indoor plants is constantly growing. Have as many as you want on windowsills and countertops and whenever you need change, move them around to create different looks.

Black is black

Évier Noir Acier Inoxydable

Newly on the market, theProInox double bowl gunmetal black stainless steel sink is already turning heads.

Although white kitchens are still popular, black kitchens are definitely making a comeback for a refined and distinctive look. Matte or glossy, black can be used on lower cabinets, but also on countertops, backsplashes or faucets. And why not go for a gunmetal black stainless steel sink? Sleek with a modern expression, it will match your decor perfectly.

Stylish kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have not said their last word - quite the contrary! Bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever, they are the centerpiece of the kitchen. In addition to being practical, they really make a statement in 2021. European manufacturers are even offering rounded kitchen islands to fit any room shapes.

Designer tip: add a sink to your island to make entertaining while cooking easier. Seriously, who wants to face a wall when they have guests over?

Wooden floors

Cuisine Tendance Bois et Argile

Hesitating? This white reversible sink from the ProTerra M40 collection adds the perfect finishing touch to Scandinavian-style kitchens.

Open floor plans are still very much in demand and the kitchen floor needs to blend in seamlessly. So forget tiling and go for wooden floors all the way!

Your kitchen is white? Go all in with bleached wood flooring. This retro trend is making a strong comeback.

Scandinavian-style blond oak wood is also popular, as are herringbone patterns, which create a dynamic yet resistant and warm look.

Creating movement

Cusine Rustique Moderne

L’évier à tablier ProTerra se distingue sous tous ses angles.

No more boring looks, rectangular countertops and straight cabinets. Modern kitchens are longing for new shapes. Peninsula kitchen designs with L or U-shaped layouts are in vogue.

Alcove cabinets and open shelves also help to create movement, breaking up lines that are too straight and too clean. Also noteworthy is the return of china cabinets with glass doors, adding an interesting focal point.

Designer tip: consider aProTerra white fireclay kitchen sink with apron. fIts large bowl that protrudes slightly from the countertop will break up that straight line.

Mixing it up

You like the Scandinavian style for its minimalist and functional approach, yet you also fall for the cocooning atmosphere of shabby chic? Mix the two styles together! Wicker baskets, rattan chairs and woven rugs are more popular than ever on Pinterest and Instagram. These natural materials bring softness to a white and cream kitchen.

Customizing the walls

Wallpaper in the kitchen? Frames on shelves? Why not! Even in the kitchen, the walls are lined with textured wallpaper and artwork. Trust your instinct and follow your desires by mixing styles and colors to create an environment that reflects…you!

Buying local

More than just a trend, "slow design" is a way of life that really speaks to our values. If 2020 has demonstrated the importance of buying locally, 2021 also reminds us of the importance of making eco-conscious choices.

Did you know? Some models of the Julien Prochef sinks are manufactured in Quebec City by using 100% recycled and recyclable North American stainless steel. 

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