Kitchen sink maintenance for added longevity

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At Prochef, we know that the sink is the heart of your kitchen and to keep it looking good for a long time, it is essential to maintain it the right way. From cleaning to protection, you need to take good care of your sink every day to avoid damage or staining. Whether it's a stainless steel sink, a fireclay sink or even simple accessories, here are the essential tips for proper care.

Stainless Steel Sinks

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ProInox stainless steel sinks from Prochef are welded and polished to a smooth, slightly shiny surface. If you want to keep that new look for a long time, here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Start by purchasing a protective grid for the bottom of your sink. This will prevent pots and pans from hitting and scratching the bottom of the bowl. Your sink will stay beautiful much longer with a protective grid.
  • Every day, clean your sink with a cloth or sponge and mild soap (all-purpose, non-abrasive liquid cleaner). Rinse with warm water and dry with a dry cloth to avoid the formation of lime deposits.
  • To maintain or restore the original luster of your sink, you can apply a stainless steel polish once a week.
  • Never use steel wool or a scouring pad. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners that contain chlorine, silver cleaner or ceramic grout cleaner. These tools and products will damage the finish of the sink and will cause discoloration of the stainless steel surface and create stains.
  • Finally, never use a rubber mat to protect the bottom of your sink. Food, water and cleaning products will collect underneath and the sink surface may become stained.

Fireclay Sink

Fireclay sinks are meticulously crafted in Italy. Their smooth, white, glossy finish is the result of a precise and complex process. You can learn more about it in our article The Process behind Making ProTerra Apron-front Kitchen Sinks. . To maintain this beautiful finish for years to come, here are some tips:

  • As with stainless steel sinks, it is recommended that you place a protective grid at the bottom of your fireclay sink. This will prevent chipping of the finish or staining of the white with pots left on the bottom too long.
  • The same cleaning process as for the stainless steel sink is also recommended every day. Clean with acloth, and mild cleaner, rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth. This way, the finish will remain smooth and shiny.
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  • If a stubborn stain appears on your sink, we recommend using a cream cleaner and gently wiping with a cloth or sponge. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a dry cloth.

Grids and accessories

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Once your sink is well maintained, we also have a few tips on how to properly maintain your accessories.

First of all, although the protective grid is cleaned by water in the sink frequently, you can also clean it in the dishwasher. This will catch any residue.

The Prochef wooden board can be used over the sink for more working surface or directly on the counter. To properly maintain your ProInox wooden board, we recommend cleaning it with a cloth and not immersing it in water. You can also treat the wood with wood wax or oil a few times a year.

Prochef reusable paper towels are versatile and very practical in the kitchen and are a great addition to your daily cleaning routine. Also, they are very easy to care for: you can wash them in the dishwasher in your regular cycle or in the washing machine with the other cloths. Another way to simplify your life!

You can discover all the Prochef accessories online!

In conclusion, daily maintenance and proper use of your sink will keep it in great conditions for many years to come. If you protect and clean it the right way, your Prochef sink will still look brand new when comes your next kitchen renovation project!

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