Buying a kitchen sink: what type of installation to choose?

Types d'installation évier cuisine

Did you know that there are several types of kitchen sink installations depending on your decorating preferences and priorities? Whether you’re looking for a sleek style, affordability or ease of cleaning, a host of options are available to you.

Understanding the differences between each installation will help you make an informed choice based on your needs.

Installing an undermount kitchen sink

Installation sous plan

Always chic and trendy, undermount sinks have been popular with consumers for several years now. Their elegant style goes particularly well with stone countertops—quartz, granite, marble—which are also very fashionable at the moment.

Undermount installation implies that the sink is positioned below the countertop and that its ege is partly (reveal) or completely concealed (flush or overhang). We recommend the overhang installation as it aesthetically hides the joint between the countertop and the edge of the sink. The cutting templates included with undermount sinks ensure that the countertop is 1/8'' inside the sink.

This type of sink installation offers many advantages:

  • Cleanup is easier, since water and crumbs can be easily swept into the sink without getting caught between the edge of the sink and the counter
  • More counter surface, which is especially useful in small kitchens
  • Clean and streamlined look

Considering the easy cleaning and style of undermount kitchen sinks such as these, it's little wonder that they’re so popular. This style goes perfectly with solid stone countertops.

Guide for installing undermount kitchen sinks

Undermount sinks require precise installation, especially when it comes to cutting, adding inserts below a stone countertop and positioning. See our installation guide for all the steps.

Installing a topmount kitchen sink

Installation sur plan

What exactly is a topmount or drop-in sink? This type of kitchen sink basically rests on your countertop, with an exposed rim. This traditional installation makes it possible to:

  • Install a kitchen sink on any countertop material
  • Place the faucet directly on the reinforced platform
  • Prevent spillage of liquids on the counter thanks to the visible edge

Topmount kitchen sinks such as these are mostly used when practicality takes precedence over style as is often the case during renovations. For instance, installing a drop-in sink makes it possible to replace a smaller or similar sized sink without having to undertake major and costly modifications. It’s an effective way to enhance one’s kitchen decor in a snap.

Guide for installing topmount kitchen sinks

Installing a topmount or drop-in sink is a relatively easy DIY project. See page 10 of our installation guide for instructions on how to do this. However, make sure to refer to a licensed professional for all plumbing connections.

Kitchen sink models that can be installed both ways: dualmount

Installation dualmount

Several sink models can be installed over and under the counter, including the dualmount utility sink whose basin is deeper than a regular sink. This sink is ideal in a laundry room for soaking stained clothes or in a basement for washing heavily soiled items such as paint brushes or even small animals.

Why choose a sink model with various installation possibilities?

Choosing a versatile kitchen sink model allows you to choose your favourite model right away and plan the installation later, when your kitchen design has been finalized. The cutting template and installation hardware are included for both types of installations.

Installing an undermount overhang farmhouse sink

Installation campagnard

Thanks to their distinctive shape, farmhouse or apron sinks add a timeless touch to contemporary kitchens. If you’re looking for a perfect blend of modern and country styles, nothing beats farmhouse sinks such as these.

The exposed apron, which is characteristic of these sinks, allows easier access to the countertop thanks to its lower edges and closer positioning to the cabinets. The cabinet is generally custom designed according to the type of sink and its installation.

Some models of farmhouse sinks are available in fireclay while others are in stainless steel. The choice of material depends on the style you want. Stainless steel is timeless and adds a modern touch to your kitchen. It easily coordinates with all your other appliances.

Undermount overhang installation (without exposed edge)

Much like the standard undermount installation, the undermount overhang installation of a farmhouse sink makes cleanup a lot easier. A towel is all that’s needed to get rid of crumbs and liquid on the counter, without making a mess.

Also, like any undermount installation, you benefit from a larger counter surface and a sleek design. Finally, the other advantage of this type of installation is the possibility of including accessories such as colanders and cutting boards right on the edge.

Guide for installing farmhouse kitchen sinks

Install your farmhouse sink yourself using our installation guide.

Summary of the key aspects of the different types of sink installations




Standard sink

Suitable for all countertops

Simple installation of the faucet on the reinforced platform

Prevents spillage of liquids on the counter

Easy installation


Less counter space

Crowded look

Standard sink

Facilitates the cleaning of counters

Offers more counter space

Provides a clean look

More complex installation

Impossible under wood, laminate or ceramic counters

Undermount, without exposed rim
Farmhouse sink

Suitable for all countertops

Facilitates the cleaning of counters

Offers more counter space

Clean look combining rusticity and modernity

More complex installation


Dualmount – Utility sink and other versatile models

Allows you to choose before determining the final look of the kitchen

Limited choice

Looking for the perfect sink for your kitchen? Browse our sink collections or contact Prochef customer service for assistance in choosing the right installation and model.

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