A Sleek, Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen

Évier argile réfractaire ProTerra M125

Written by Kimberly Denis @beurl

From the very beginning of this project, I had in mind the idea of creating a true Scandinavian kitchen. A sleek look and a minimalist design were what I was going for. To achieve this look, I went for matte, handleless off white cabinets and a white oak island with delicate wood slats at the front that add a unique touch to the stools. Almost everything is built into the cabinets - the refrigerator and dishwasher go unnoticed. My partner and I chose a grey quartz countertop and backsplash. My goal was to create a modern yet inviting environment.

Évier ProTerra Argile Réfractaire

Attention to detail

Part of me was afraid that painting the whole wall in white would give off a cold atmosphere. To counteract that effect, I decided to add different farmhouse touches, like the oh-so-popular farmhouse sink and a black faucet.

The ProTerra TM125

I chose the ProTerra TM125 fireclay sink because it was a perfect match for the entire kitchen. We positioned it right in the center of the island to give us a full view of the living room and the fireplace when we wash the dishes. Given that the island is nearly 15 feet long, I chose to go with a 32-5/8'' X 14-3/4'' X 9'' size sink.

The curve that ties it all together

When I proposed to my spouse the idea of having a farmhouse sink, he was not very keen on it but I am glad I insisted, for two specific reasons. Firstly, a farmhouse sink is very ergonomic, whether you are in cooking or cleaning mode. I found out that not having a counter edge between yourself and the sink really makes a difference in feeling comfortable in the workspace. Secondly, the fact that the sink has an exposed front-facing side with curved edges really adds depth and softness, thus perfectly complementing the linear symmetry of the cabinets. Talk about a WOW effect!


Maintaining my ProTerra TM125 sink is a charm! I make sure to clean the sink bowl regularly with soap and water, and that’s it! To avoid damaging it, I purchased the ProTerra sink grid and I don't regret my choice. I was hesitant at first, but in hindsight, it comes in very handy to avoid damage coming from pots that are dropped too quickly or from sharp kitchen items.


Another point I hadn't thought of, but which could come in quite handy in the near future, is using the sink as a bathtub for a baby or small child :) In conclusion, my partner and I are both extremely pleased with the end result of our kitchen and how the ProTerra TM125 sink helps give it the sleek, minimalist look we were going for.

Évier ProTerra Argile Réfractaire

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