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At Julien, we have spent close to 75 years hard at work in the kitchen. And that experience has taught us so much about perfecting the room that is the true heart of the home.

Our Prochef range features stainless steel sinks for all budgets and settings. Our sinks made from high quality stainless steel, 100% recycled and recyclable, are available in several modern styles to suit your decor, your wallet and your lifestyle. In addition, the vast majority of Prochef products are made right here in Quebec; so you encourage local purchasing and receive your delivery faster!

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Black Sink

19-10-2020 : Launch of the New Prochef Black Stainless Sinks

Sinks are a fundamental part of every kitchen, and they should reflect who you are. The ProInox H75 collection brings color to the kitchen with its black stainless steel sinks, in a perfect marriage of beauty, strength and durability. The ProInox H75 sinks blend easily with kitchens of classic or monochromatic design and their sleek, modern look will remain absolutely timeless[...] read more

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cusine Prochef

23-04-2020 : Launch of Prochef online store

Julien, a manufacturing company established in Quebec City since 1946, launched its first online store on April 22nd, 2020: Stainless steel kitchen sinks under the Prochef brand, all hand fabricated in the Julien factory, are now available for direct purchase by the consumer[...] read more


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